Aleppo Colors
quality guarantee

The quality and authenticity of our products is the number one priority at aleppo colors. This is what we offer our clients.

Our items are not mass products at rock bottom prices, but crafted with dedication in the wake of secular traditions.

Consider, i.e., Aleppo Soaps from Syria: a veritable masterpiece of human ingenuity that is produced nowadays exactely the same way as centuries ago. Unfortunately Aleppo Soaps found on the market are often of low quality, not containing the declared amount of the precious laurel oil, containing oils of poor quality, or, still, not matured for the declared number of months.

Thanks to the direct contacts with our suppliers in Aleppo we’re in the position to guarantee the authenticity and the quality of our soaps. Every single piece is hand-made with the best ingerdients, and afterwards stacked by hand for the long maturing process. We also guarantee our soaps are exclusively produced from fresh, untreated (organic) oils from plantations surrounding Aleppo.

We wish to emphasize that aleppo colors products, although of undeniable quality, are not drugs and are not curative in terms defined by law.