Aleppo Colors
ImmagineLoofah on a rope.
Genuine section of loofah with a cotton rope. Natural.
ImmagineRound Loofah
Loofah on a round cotton pad. Handy.
ImmagineSponge Loofah
Loofah on a small, velvety sponge. Elegant and gentle.
ImmagineLoofah with a wooden handle
Loofah section with beechwood handle. It reaches everywhere!
A real pleasure.
Asian cylindrical loofah is a natural plant fiber obtained from the fruit of the Cucurbitaceae family related to the common cucumber. It is used damp and is ideal for cleansing and massaging the body. It stimulates the circulation and muscle tone. Its soft interwoven fibers produce abundant fine lather with soap.

In oriental Turkish baths it has been used for centuries to delicately and naturally massage face and body. Used wet it has an excellent peeling effect, use dry for a vigorous and toning scrub.

Loofah is hypoallergenic, obtained directly from the original plant and contains neither preservatives nor coloring agents.