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Deo Crystal
ImmagineStick deo, 40g
Deo-Stick, 40g
Deo-Stick made of pure alum crystal. Handy and efficient. Perfect in your necessaire.
ImmagineDeodorant Crystal, 200-220g
A crystal lasting 1001 applications... Great. Original. Convenient. And 100% natural.
This originally volcanic salt crystal, composed of potassium alum, eliminates unpleasant perspiration odors and, of fundamental importance, doesnít interfere with normal perspiration of the skin.

The Deo Crystal works by creating an inhospitable environment for bacteria and micro-organisms which love to inhabit the damp regions of our bodies. They are the real culprits when it comes to body odor. This crystal inhibits their reproduction, functioning primarily as a natural antibacterial agent.

Potassium alum crystal, used from antiquity, is a close relative of alum rock, the renowned hemostatic after-shave. Itís hypoallergenic, unscented and suitable for all skin types. Itís effective for 24 hours and can be used together with any perfume of your choice. It doesnít leave any marks on skin or clothes.

Apply the deodorant crystal to damp skin, once or several times a day. Some of the less well known properties of alum crystal: It visibly and quickly helps labial herpes symptoms to recede. It helps small cuts and abrasions to heal quickly. It will instantly remove the odor of fish, garlic or onion when hands are washed with it under running water. It soothes skin irritations after shaving. Itís economical as it lasts a long time. With normal use the piece youíll have in your hands will last between 3 and 5 years. Potassium crystal is a natural and environmentally friendly product, completely biodegradable, without any noxious gases or other chemical substances. After use we suggest you keep the crystal on its cork base to allow rapid drying. (Do not place on marble surfaces).