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Antiochia Soap
ImmagineAntiochia Soap, 130g
Pure and milde soap produced with distilled water, first-pressed olive oil, and 35% laurel oil. Perfect for dry and very sensitive skin. Very moisturising.
ImmagineMini Antiochia Soaps, 35% laurel, 40g
Small and extra smooth soap. Ideal for sensitive skins. All handmade, Adored by children.
4x4cm, 40g
A bit of history

Biblical Antiochia lies around 80 kilometres west of Aleppo (at the south-eastern tip of the Mediterranean Sea) at the junction point of time-honoured trade routes and culture-rich traditions. Here one of the oldest soap manufacturers in Mesopotamia has withstood the test of time: Antiochia Soap. Archaeological finds provide evidence of its existence as far back as early antiquity; at the time when Syrian Aleppo manufactured a very similar soap from an olive and laurel oil basis.

The soap

Our Antiochia Soap comes from a soap manufacturer which has been run as a family business for four generations. As in Aleppo Soap solely olive and laurel oil are used, but with two fundamental differences. Firstly distilled water is used instead of tap water, and secondly in Antiochia only olive oil from the first pressing is used, meaning virgin olive oil. The latter in particular makes Antiochia soap a highlight amongst soaps made in Mesopotamia and gives it its characteristic fresh and delicate scent.

The properties

Antiochia Soap is a 100% pure natural product. It is made exclusively from olive oil and laurel oil from untreated trees. The sizeable 35% laurel oil content gives it strong moisturizing properties. In addition to that the purifying and skin-balancing properties of the laurel oil are remarkable. Antiochia Soap is very delicate and can be used on the face, hair and body. It is recommended for sensitive, dry skin and scalp and other skin problems.