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Nablus Soap
ImmagineNablus Soap, 100% Olive Oil, 130g
Coming from the city of Nablus in Palestine. Handcrafted and produced with pure first pressed olive oil. Delicate, hydrating, and indicated for problematic and dry skin. Suitable for babies and children.
Nablus soap is a pure white soap manufactured with virgin olive oil. It comes from Nablus in the Israeli occupied territories.

Nablus soap: White and Pure

From the extensive olive groves of Nablus in the West Bank comes Nablus soap, which has been made in the same way for a thousand years using pure, first-pressed olive oil. Nowadays just three soap manufacturers remain active in Nablus. Buying a Nablus soap is therefore not only a gift to your skin, as well it is a concrete contribution to the preservation of a remarkable century-old tradition.

The Manufacture

The white Nablus soap is still manufactured in Nablus with the first(!) pressing of olive oil. In order to preserve the special properties of the olive oil, the soap mixture is heated for days over a low flame and finally spread out onto a specially-designed surface. A woollen thread soaked in vegetable pigment is then used to draw lines through the hardened soap, along which the soap is finally cut. The traces of red left behind by this process are an integral part of the soap and at the same time a proud symbol of hand manufacture.

The Properties

Nablus soap is a very gentle soap with an extremely delicate scent. It is recommended for those with dry and sensitive skin, being rich in glycerin, mineral salts (phosphor, potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese), and vitamins A and E - vital for healthy skin. The naturally contained linoleic and alpha linoleic acids have an antioxidant effect. Nablus soap allows the skin to breathe, restoring its natural balance. Nablus soap is perfectly suitable for children and infants.

aleppo colors buys Nablus soap directly from the manufacturer and in close cooperation with on-site international NGOs.

*Nablus Soap is not a drug.

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