Aleppo Colors
Aleppo Soap
ImmagineAleppo soap with 15% laurel, 220g
Softening and nourishing. Recommended for dry and delicate skin. Suitable even for babies.
ImmagineAleppo soap with 25% laurel, 220g
Thanks to 25% laurel oil this soap is particularly moisturizing and nourishing. A particularly successful combination of gentleness with the beneficial effects of laurel..
ImmagineAleppo soap with 35% laurel, 220g
All the characteristics of laurel magnified: cleansing, nourishing and soothing. It revives and tones skin. A truly unique experience.
ImmagineAleppo soap with 50% laurel, 220g
Commissioned specifically for aleppo colors this soap contains a good 50% laurel oil. Itís the best you can find on the market. A really special gift Ė for you and your skin.
ImmagineSmall Aleppo soap bar with 15% laurel oil, 125g
Handy. Extracted and reshaped from the classic 15% laurel cube. Ideal for big and small.
ImmagineHandy Aleppo Soap with 15% of Laurel Oil and Red Mud, 125g
Softening and relaxing, as well as nurishing your skin.
ImmagineSmall Aleppo soap bar with plant amber and 15% laurel, 125g
The same as the natural soap bar but enriched with plant amber (a tree resin). A delicate and original fragrance.
ImmagineAleppo Mignons (Syria) with 85% olive oil and 15% laurel oil, 35g
These delicately damascene rose-scented tablets with Arabic designs are strikingly beautiful. They make original and decorative presents. These soaps also repel moths and other tiny creatures keen on your best sweaters.
Our Aleppo Soap comes from a family run factory in Aleppo, which has been producing this legendary soap for almost 400 years! Four centuries during which nothing significant has changed. Today soap is produced following the same ancient recipe as they used long ago, cut by hand, branded by hand with the makerís stamp and then dried in the centuries old caves of Aleppo. In 1937 the family business passed into the hands of Mohammed and today it is forging ahead with his three sons Mohammad, Amor and Fadel. All three are continuing to make valued and unique soap because they apply the same dedication and love as did their ancestors.Our Aleppo Soap is a 100% natural product, consisting exclusively of olive and laurel oils. It doesnít contain perfumes, coloring, preservatives or other additives or indeed any animal products and it has not been tested on animals. It does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate.

A fascinating history

Produced in the ancient Syrian city of Aleppo, this soap has a 2000 year history. Year after year people have produced it using the same method, neither adding to nor removing anything from the original recipe. Even the Bible mentions it, associating it with renowned olive groves of the Middle East and Mesopotamia. Even earlier we find it mentioned on Babylonian clay tablets. Not for nothing were the wealthy oriental califs among its most enthusiastic devotees. Even Jesus and his disciples probably appreciated this soap. Soap from Aleppo was particularly highly prized after 800 a.d. when it spread throughout the Mediterranean on a wave of Arab expansion, reaching continental Europe. At Massillia (modern day Marseille) local people made their own version but using olive oil on its own. Aleppo soap is thus generally regarded as the true predecessor of the variety from Provence, not just a close relative - and is of superior quality too.

The workmanship of artisans

The process begins in November, following the olive harvest, and ends in March. In the hubbub of Aleppo the same ancient ritual to produce the soap is followed as it has been for centuries. First of all they boil the olive oil very slowly in a cauldron for several days, adding soda extracted from sea salt. At the end of the cooking process, when saponification has taken place, the mass is enriched with laurel oil. It is the quantity of laurel oil (also known as bayberry), from 5% to 50%, that determines its scent and excellence. After being filtered and cooled the soap, still green, is hand cut, branded with the manufacturerís stamp and left to dry in the open air for at least nine months. The longer this seasoning lasts, the higher the quality of the soap will be. In the souks of Aleppo it is possible to find soaps which have ďmaturedĒ for six years and more. The typical reddish brown color is the result of the soapís oxidization from exposure to the air and is the final indicator of quality. Before being sold every single piece is carefully brushed and cleaned.

Legendary properties

Aleppo soap is a 100% pure and natural product, consisting exclusively of olive oil and laurel (bayberry) oil from untreated plants around Aleppo. It contains no perfumes, coloring, preservatives or other additives or indeed any animal products and it has not been tested on animals. Apart from being moisturizing and softening the oils are appreciated for their calming and cleaning properties. Soap from Aleppo is therefore particularly kind to skin and suitable for personal hygiene (face, body and hair). It offers real benefits for every skin type, delicate and dry skin in particular, and supports the treatment of problematic skin. Laurel stretches the skin and opens pores, thus making this soap an excellent shaving foam - particularly for those with delicate skin. Even though it may sting a little if it gets in your eyes itís also ideal for your children's delicate skin. For centuries soap from Aleppo has been used in oriental Turkish baths as a proper beauty treatment in its own right prior to a traditional massage. When applied to the face for three to four minutes itís effect is comparable to a cosmetic mask. Apart from that, a piece of this precious soap has a property almost unknown or forgotten in the west: itís an amazing moth repellent. A small cube in the wardrobe keeps moths and their grubs away.

Ingredients: Water, Olea Europea (olive), Laurus Nobilis (bay / laurel), sodium chloride (cooking salt), sodium hydroxide (soda).

Note: In rare cases using a soap with a high concentration of laurel can give rise to minor skin irritation. This is an innocuous and transitory phenomenon. Should the symptoms persist switch to soap with a lower laurel content.

*Aleppo Soap is not a drug.