Aleppo Colors
Liquid Soaps
ImmagineAleppo Liquid Soap, 250ml
A soap of matchless gentleness. Made with olive oil and 25% laurel oil this liquid soap preserves all the valuable characteristics of solid soap but it is less oily and therefore it can also be used for oily hair. Ideal in the shower, for washing hands and body or as a shampoo. It can be used even in presence of scalp problems. Contains no alcohol, chemical additives, colorants, preservatives or thickening agents, and no Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Bio certification by Natrue.
ImmagineAleppo Liquid Soap, 500ml
The delicate Aleppo liquid soap in a handy 500ml PET bottle with dispenser. Bio certification by Natrue. (art. 1.92)
ImmagineProvençal Lavender Liquid Soap, 250ml
The natural scent of thousands of lavender blossoms. Made by heating olive oil in a cauldron following the artisans’ traditional method and scented using 2% essential lavender oil. Its gentleness is enjoyed even by tiny ones. It contains no alcohol, chemical additives, colorants, preservatives, thickening or gelling agents, no free alkali. No Sodium Laureth Sulfate. 100% biodegradable.
ImmagineProvençal Orange & Eucalyptus Liquid Soap, 250ml
The fresh and delicate fragrance of orange and eucalyptus, a rare combination. Following the artisans’ traditional heated saponification process this vegetable soap is 100% gentle and softening, scented with 2% essential oils of orange and eucalyptus. Delicate and emollient. For everyone, big and small. It contains no colorants, thickening or gelling agents, no free alkali. No Sodium Laureth Sulfate. 100% biodegradable.
ImmagineMardin Shampoo, 250ml
With Pistachio Oil and Aloe Vera. Very mild and gentle. A relief for all hair types. Certified natural by Natrue.
(art. MD-SH)
ImmagineMardin Shower-Shampoo, 250ml
With pistachio oil and beta caroten. Certified natural by Natrue.

Liquid soaps are increasingly popular. There is much indeed for them: they are easier to handle and often more fragrant than ordinary soaps. Unfortunately, liquid soaps often contain more preservatives and fragrances - not so our liquid soaps and shampoos where only the finest natural essences come into play.

Aleppo Liquid Soap is certified

Organic Cosmetic by Natrue.

Mardin Shampoo and Mardin Shower Shampoo are certified

Natural Cosmetic by Natrue.

Preservatives or other artificial ingredients, are off limits.