Aleppo Colors
ImmagineRubber Basket, ō 13cm
Cut and sewn entirely by hand this rubber basket is reclaimed from the perfectly cleansed and hygienic interior of a car tire. Ideal to hold soap or other small objects.
ImmagineSoap Dish in natural beech, 13x8x2cm
Designed by aleppo colors this soap dish is practical and useful. Perfect for every Aleppo soap.
ImmagineNatural beech thermometer
A thermometer like those in the good old days. In warm beech wood.
ImmagineBeech Box, single (without soap).
Made entirely by hand. For those little everyday things.
Isnít it the accessories that make a space special and unique? Quality, good taste and authenticity is what makes our accessories embellish any bathroom. Besides, the soap dish is our very own creation.